About Me

My name is Jesse Ladret and I’m a Graphic Designer.

My passion for Graphic Design was brought about by my interest in self publishing from various movements of the past - such as the Situationists of the 40s, the handmade chapbooks released during the beat movement of the 50s, the zine publishing craze of the 70s punk era and it’s gradual resurgence of the early 90s. These influences had a profound effect on me during my early teens allowing me to fully realize my ability to not only perceive media, design and surrounding aesthetics but to be an active participant allowing me to become immersed in my general interests such as art, music and literature by means of publishing small booklets, creating gig posters for friends of mine who played in bands and eventually becoming founding editor of an online magazine throughout the early 2000s focused primarily on art and music.

Jesse Ladret: Malcontent Creative Co.

As my appreciation for design and my aesthetic matured, I have been able to amalgamate my passions into being a full time, dedicated Graphic Designer, a title I hold with great pride and feel fortunate that for over a decade I have been able to do what I love as a sustainable profession. For the past fifteen years I have catered to every form of design, putting my talents into the seemingly mundane to create work that is eye-catching, tactile and captivating.

My design inspirations come from many facets; Graphic novels, vintage fireworks packaging, lucha libre posters, street art, 1940 jazz record covers and everything in between, always trying to figure out how to draw from classic and time tested design methods and apply them to present day motifs.

I have had an incredible roster of clients throughout the years, who through our shared ideas, vision and coordination have granted me the opportunity to create work that I’m very proud of, and in exchange have been able to make my customers happy with the end result.

If you happen to be taking on a new venture or starting a new business or just want to revive the old and make it new again, I’m always happy to discuss ideas and to meet new clients.

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